Product Design guidelines

by Eva Kuttichova



Product Design guidelines

by Eva Kuttichova



Product Design guidelines

by Eva Kuttichova

Screen Product Design Guidelines*

No more hard time navigating complex guidelines and endless contradicting rules - with this easy-to-digest handbook you will quickly get to the point of main design ideas.

About the Book

How to get started with Product Design? What are the golden rules of Interface Design? How can I improve as a Designer? The answers to these questions are often complicated. You can usually find them in overwhelmingly huge books - but this is about to change!

Get ready for precise rules and advice that you can actually use to improve your digital design skills - no more complex ideas and tech terms too difficult for beginners! From patterns and colors to shaping the best user experience - Screen covers it all.

The materials for this book have been collected over several years of successful product design career, working hand in hand with distinguished designers and Silicon Valley companies. Now it’s time to share this knowledge with you in this 100-pages handbook, tackling all the major issues you may have and helping you to become a better product designer.



Tried and true techniques collected over the years of successful design journey.

Tested Over the Years

Years of working with big tech companies and a bunch of startups.

Become a Better Designer

A quick and easy guide to level up from beginner to professional.

Who will benefit from this book?

Designer is not a person who can use a computer graphic tool. A good Product Designer should understand human psychology, patterns, typography, colors, motion, underlying technology, and much more. This book is for you if you’re:

  • a Junior Designer wanting to boost their skills;
  • a Product Manager learning how to recognise a good digital product design;
  • a Software Developer trying to expand their interdisciplinary knowledge through digital and interface design tools;
  • a Startup Founder wanting to know how to improve their product and choose their designers;
  • just curious about the digital design processes and don’t know where to start!

Look Inside

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General Principles

you’ll learn about the key values and basics of UX/UI design, which design tools are now dominating the market, when to choose Figma and when to opt for After Effects, as well as how to organize your design system.


in this chapter, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of everything style-related (sometimes called tokens), like typography, effects, colors and much more of what a digital designer should know.


you’ll find out how these construction blocks work, what different states and principles stand for, and how to incorporate the best writing into your design.


you’ll learn how to attract extra attention to your design without being visually distractive, how to set the motion up and perform different transitions, transformations, and other useful actions.


in this chapter, you’ll see how to help your users navigate around your design product effortlessly and smoothly, will learn all about the tools necessary to make it work and will find out more about the use of sound in your interface.


Hi! I’m Eva. I’m a product and interaction designer who went from internships and agency jobs to being a successful freelancer working with companies all around the world, including Silicon Valley.

In the past years, I’ve worked with ClickUp, DoorDash, Byju’s, as well as created products for several exciting startups like Gamee, Creator Cash, and Medevio.

The transition hasn’t been fast and easy. It took me countless hours of learning, some trial-and-error experiences and lots of self-improvement to bring me where I am now. I believe that the journey is big part of success, but I know now that some parts could be easier and I realized I can help with that.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge through various social channels, and now it’s time to finally share it with a wider audience by offering you this practical guide on how to navigate the world of digital design.

Eva Kuttichova
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